Manufacturers of Hardware Fittings & Accessories of Transmission Lines & OPGW

MAS-ADEA Arabia Co.

Built on Experience & Innovation

We are a manufacturer of high-quality electrical distribution, transmission line and substation accessories and fittings. We are the first Saudi Arabian company to manufacture and supply an entire range of electrical distribution, transmission and substation materials through the use of advanced technical knowledge. Our team has decades of experience in the industry, and our aim is to create a quality product that is appreciated by our clients both in Saudi Arabia and internationally. We have created a sound strategic development plan which we will employ to further our technical knowledge and development for the benefit of the industry and our clients.

Global Presence

Our Mission

At MAS-ADEA, our management has experience at all levels of the power industry. We know what our clients expect in terms of quality, product, specifications, technical considerations and the overall cost. We treat our clients like our partners, with the involvement of our qualified staff and management team. We have made a pledge toward providing the highest level of service and quality of our materials. Further, we have given a commitment to always striving to produce the best product for our clients, which can be displayed by our research and development work on leading technical and product solutions. Our aim is to revolutionise the power industry through the collaboration of quality, skill, expertise and efficiency.