MAS-ADEA Arabia Co. is a manufacturer of hardware for power and oil & gas industry.

MAS-ADEA Arabia Co. shall:

  • Maintain the Quality Management System to fulfil the requirements of AS/NZS ISO 9001 “Quality Management Systems – Requirements”.
  • Be totally committed to providing quality products and services that satisfy the Customer specified requirements, applicable regulatory requirements and the Company requirements in the most appropriate and economical manner.
  • Endeavour to satisfy Customer needs and expectations by controlling and optimising quality while considering risks, costs and benefits.
  • Identify project-related risks and control them from tendering stage to project realisation.
  • Provide and maintain necessary resources with adequate skills for achieving high quality of products and services for each project.
  • Work closely with customers and suppliers from tendering to finalisation of design in order to obtain optimal solution for final products or services.
  • Monitor the project performance and Company system overall through the process of internal auditing; identify opportunities for improvement and implement appropriate action.
  • Encourage the active participation of every employee and contractor to make quality a prime requirement of every task.
  • Encourage employee’s personal development and provide opportunities for enhancing professional skills in order to achieve project quality assurance requirements.
  • Regularly review the performance of each project and implement actions in order to meet the contractual, technical and regulatory requirements, time lines and milestones.
  • Monitor the performance of suppliers and subcontractors and actively work with them in order to provide best product and service to the Customer.
  • Implement the process of constant monitoring of customer feedback, from tendering to project realisation phase, including Customer Satisfaction Survey in order to assess and address Customer perception whether products and/or services supplied by the Company or subcontractors have met the requirements.

The management team is fully committed to the principle of quality assurance as an integral part of the company operations, as described in the quality manual. Management will regularly review documented processes and their performance; identify and implement required corrective and preventive action, within an overall philosophy of continual improvement.